Organic Search Tool Set FAQ

How We Can Help

We can help your company by offering a strategy that will maximize the effectiveness of the RussellCraft Tool Set, which will remove roadblocks that are preventing organic success.

If your company deserves to be ahead of the competition in search for your products and/or services, then contact us today and we will show you how to maximize the RussellCraft Tool Set to its full potential.


How does your Tool Set work? The Tool Set is designed to force companies to think about their company and their customers (and NOT search) and this method always maximizes search results.

How long does it take to complete the requirements in your Tool Set? It can take a day or several days depending on your ability to gather all the information needed to complete the requirements in the Tool Set.

How fast can we see our search results increase? Once the information in step one of the Tool Set is submitted, results can usually be seen in the search engines within 1-3 weeks.

Can our SEO team use your Tool Set? Yes, once qualified your SEO team can use the Tool Set to make their campaign more successful and also to be certain that their search efforts are in a favorable light with the search engines.

Have any Fortune 500 companies used your Tool Set? Yes, with great success.

Does your Tool Set always work? Yes, once your company is approved it always works because the Tool Set does not focus on search but on your company, credibility, and commitment to your customers.

What if we are in an extremely competitive industry? Then this Tool Set is what you need.

Do any companies fail to qualify for the Tool Set? Yes, and we reserve the right to qualify a company before they are permitted to use the Tool Set. No matter how large your company is you may not qualify for the following reasons: If you, or someone you have hired, has self promoted your company through blogs, PR, free directories, reviews, articles, keyword rich content writing, and social media, and/or have been penalized through Google’s Penguin and Hummingbird updates. Our Tool Set is designed to help companies who have agreed with Google’s Guidelines and Best Practices, as well as Bing Webmaster Guidelines.