Professional Services

Organic Search Consulting

At RussellCraft, we help your website rank more highly in search engines so your audience can find your business naturally, thus alleviating the heavy dependency on paid advertising campaigns. What makes RussellCraft so unique and successful, however, is our method of search consulting.Read More

Executive Feedback

Second opinions are critical as a method of verification in the world of SEO. We can examine the potential of your company and give you a synopsis of your organic search situation. We can answer many questions you might have like: Should we be doing better? Why are we so weak in certain keywords? Is our site weak? Why are our competitors doing so much better? We want you to ask us how you are doing.Read More

Organic Search Audit

Our SEO Auditing method is far different than any other. Most auditing companies or auditing tools are designed to improve the necessary components of a traditional SEO campaign. For example the number of keywords on a site or a page, if you are using H1 tags, page title conventions, back links, etc. the score that they give you is based on how successful you are in completing these tasks. Our auditing process is based on company identity, credibility, consumer protection, trustworthiness based on authoritative sources and many other considerations.Read More

Analytics and Stats

RussellCraft can help your company determine the best method to track statistics and to understand data. Our system delivers more key phrases than a traditional SEO campaign, in order to grasp the value of organic search we have a unique approach to measure data and performance.Read More

Credibility Review

RussellCraft has a proprietary tool to help understand your company’s credibility and trustworthiness. We use 3rd party sources to verify the information provided. Our Credibility Review process ensures that our clients deserve better organic search rankings.Read More