About RussellCraft

Established in 1994

RussellCraft was established in 1994 as an Internet consulting firm in Agoura Hills, CA. Our vision was to help companies get found on the Internet and to track every path that led to conversion and success.

Competitive Industries

RussellCraft began its consulting services in one of the most competitive industries, payment processing. Having competed against giants like TeleCheck First Data and PaymentTech, it became necessary to gather all the best ideas and create a strategy that was uniquely different than the rest.

Preferred Vendor

Over the years RussellCraft was chosen by the CEO of Mineral to create a strategy for their Fortune 500 client, Disney. The strategy had to be different than all the other high-profile SEO firms handling the larger companies. The strategy worked flawlessly and as a result Mineral was brought into GE, another fortune 500 company. RussellCraft was able to help GE CareCredit redefine their company online, which led to great success. Since then RussellCraft has worked successfully as a preferred vendor for many marketing and branding firms serving their clients.

High Level Strategy

The task of creating a high-level strategy is our specialty. We love to look at everything about a company, their identity, their commitment to their customers, and as much as possible about their history. This helps us to create a strategy centering on their assets, rather than the typical SEO approach which centers on keyword rich content, free directories, blogs, and other methods of self-promotion.

Our Credibility Review System

RussellCraft created the proprietary Organic Search Tool Set, which was designed to capture a company’s credibility and knowledge. Ultimately the tool set helps companies who deserve more traffic. It is an honest approach to understanding a company’s core business, and the assets they have developed through their many years of hard work. The tool set uses third-party sources to verify information that is provided by the company.