Statistics, Data Tracking, and Search

RussellCraft can help your company determine the best method to track statistics and to understand the data that is being served up from your website. Because our approach to organic search is unique, the way we measure performance is also unique.

Our system delivers more key phrases than a traditional SEO campaign, because we focus on the highest level concepts of your core business. This raises the level of the ocean around the most important key phrases and ultimately brings a larger amount of related rankings and traffic by far. In order to truly grasp the value of organic search we have a unique approach to measuring data and performance.

Common Questions

  1. What should I be looking for in our company’s tracking system?
  2. Which analytics programs are best for our company?
  3. Are there some settings that will help us better track performance?
  4. How should we track our Adwords campaign?
  5. Can analytics reveal if we are spending too much on ads?
  6. Which is the best way to track conversion and sales?