Organic Search Audit and Advisory

The Typical SEO Auditing Process

Most SEO auditing companies or SEO auditing tools are designed to improve the necessary components of a traditional SEO campaign. For example: the number of keywords on a site or on a page, or whether or not you are using H1 tags, or if your site has page title conventions, or a certain number of backlinks, etc. The SEO score that they give you is based on how successful you are in completing the SEO tasks that are employed in traditional SEO. It is not recommended if your company wishes to maintain a credible presence on the Internet and avoid penalties.

The Problem with Self Promotion

Traditional SEO is centered around self promotion, and building a company’s Internet presence often by any means possible. The rules and guidelines are followed, yet there is much obscure backlinking, much keyword rich content, many free directories, blogs and article writing. Many of the SEO tricks have acceptable fancy names attached to them in SEO articles and forums. The big problem is that it becomes obvious to the search engines, and it hinders good honest search results. The search engines are more interested in truth and facts that can be verified, rather than fake reviews, keyword rich content written by outside parties, free directories that have no editing staff, and Facebook likes offered through a contest or some other means of self promotion.

Our Auditing Process

Our auditing process is fact based and we examine company identity, credibility, consumer protection, assets, and many other factors which are related to the verifiable truth about a company. Our SEO Auditing method is far different than any other, and for a good reason. It tells the truth about a company based on authoritative sources, and provides a detailed report explaining where a company is, and where a company should be in search.

Ranking Roadblocks and Disconnects

Part of our auditing process is dedicated to detecting roadblocks that can prevent your website from ranking successfully. Companies may have hundreds of changes in the cue, but if there is an unidentified problem that is not dealt with, unreached potential can remain indefinitely. RussellCraft resolves this common problem unlike textbook SEO.